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Brosur Burger King Rendang

Brosur Burger King Rendang

Burger King untuk kesekian kalinya bekerja sama dengan untuk mempromosikan produk barunya yaitu Burger Rendang yang Merupakan Burger dengan Selera Nusantara.

Kelezatan Cita Rasa Nusantara yang begitu populer di Mancanegara dengan Sous Rendang Istimewa dipadu dengan Burger Khas BurgerKing ..hmmmm..terbayangkan kenikamatan di setiap gigitannya.. Continue reading


Bonchon Chicken

You Don’t Have to Imagine Anymore

Quoted as the best chicken in America by the NY Times, GQ, and Esquire, BonChon Chicken has one mission: to bring our authentic Korean Fried Chicken to the world. Our locations have hatched everywhere from the United States to Thailand to Philippines, and we are now in Indonesia.

Breaking the previous image of fried chicken, BonChon provides healthy, crispy, juicy, yet non greasy fried chicken in delicious regular and spicy flavors. All our food is never frozen and made to order.


What do you mean healthy?

* We weigh each chicken. The fat ones? We reject them.

* Sugar? Honey? No way! Our sauce comes from fruit extract.

* We bathe our chicken using specially filtered water. Yup, that means they’re clean.

* Machines? Nope. We hand brush each chicken to perfection

We dare you to try some.

Call 5000 – 51 for Delivery

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